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Yogscast as Archetypes from the Major Arcana, right?


I’m a nerd, just shut up.

  • Honeydew is the easiest to place. He is unmistakably the Fool, or the 0 card. The fool is the ‘protagonist’ of the Hero’s Journey and is a force of change and tends to be see as someone who is oblivious to the grand powers around them but survive through good fortune. Similarly, Honeydew is often the driving force and de facto leader of the group.
  • Xephos is also pretty easy. He’s The High Priestess. Xephos is a keeper of immense knowledge and wisdom, but only shares bits and pieces of it and mostly enables others to take action rather than himself. Also, he is the most common wielder of ~deeper magics~ like server commands.
  • Lalna is sort of difficult because none of us know what the fuck is going on with him right now, though there is obviously some conspiracy/mystery going on with him. I am sort of leaning towards The Hierophant for him. Like Lewis, he is a keeper of knowledge, but is also a gatekeeper for his apprentices. A part of the Hierophant is the symbolism of old tradition and following certain rituals, and that reminds me of him. There is something routine about him and it’s hard to sway him away from what he decides (often arbitrarily) is important.
  • Nano on the other hand is The Chariot. The Chariot is a force of action and victory through unifying opposing forces. Sort of like her and her Flux. She was slow to get moving but now she’s fast and powerful with the technology Lalna teaches her melded with her Witchery and whatever is going on with her Flux situation.
  • Sjin is The Empress. He’s the farmer, the builder, and for the most part is reactionary instead of proactive. The Empress is similarly associated with growth and expanding power without the more destructive qualities of similar cards. Sjin will share his wealth with others, but doesn’t tend to pick fights. Empress.
  • I’m still undecided on Rythian (Hermit? Hanged Man? all the dark sides of the Emperor?) but Zoeya is likely The Star or The Moon. The Star comes into the Arcana late and represents hope and faith after devastation, which is what Zoey represents. As a character, she has shades of the Moon and the sort of mastery-from-madness that comes from it. She carries great knowledge that Rythian refuses to acknowledge until it’s depth and scope is obvious.
  • William Strife is such a fucking Magician, it’s ridiculous. The Magician is either a protagonist or consultant, and unlike the High Priestess, the Magician must work and create, not just hold knowledge. It’s an uncontrollable compulsion. Similarly, Strife is tireless in his work and his breadth of knowledge is enormous. Even in his “free time” he is working with Parvis to further Parv’s work. Hardcore Magician with an atomic disassembler and crescent hammer instead of knife and wand. The Magician working with tools instead of evocating from nothing is also important.
  • Parvis is either the Moon or the Hanged Man. It actually remains to be seen. The Hanged Man is a symbol of an extreme perspective change giving new wisdom. It can be benign epiphany or can be a great sacrifice or misstep that leads to the man being trapped in his precarious position. It’s associated with death (and Death = metamorphosis, not… death in the tarot), and Parvis is transformed from a clueless newb to a force of nature. Parv makes great sacrifices of himself and the debts he builds up with his blood magic for his powers, a perspective few others in the group follow. That sort of knowledge-from-madness may make him a suitable Moon.
  • (Strife and Parv together are the Lovers. not even in a shippy way, but in the unification of separate entities and the Fated Decision that cannot be taken back. Parvis the chaotic to Strife’s orderly, and how both tempter each other in their shared adventures. Just fyi)
  • I only know a few more. But Ridge is The Devil. Temptation and indulgence and the fall of man. Ridge is quick to be helpful to people like the Sirs and Parv, giving them “their first hit free” with the implication of a slippery slope in every gesture he extends.
  • And that leaves KirinDave with The Tower. The Tower is the closest thing to an actual ‘death’ card in the major arcana, but more importantly it represents pride before the fall and the destruction of institutions (see: KD’s reaction to Ridge and Bebop fucking with him). The Tower is also strongly associated with lightning. /grins

Anyway. There is some goddamn meta for you. I will put my tarot book away and do something productive with my time now. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. The Yogs lend themselves well to these archetypes.


i think Hat Films are Temperance. Which is a weird choice because it’s a triumphant card and one of peace, but my reasoning is the Hat Films, above all else, is in tune with each other to a borderline terrifying degree, and Temperance is concerned with taking many disparate elements of your life and resolving them together into an unlikely synthesis. And as volatile and dangerous as the Sirs are, internally they are very very stable.

I still need Nilesy and Hannah, i think. Sips, I think, is oddly enough the Emperor. He’s not a GOOD king but he does represent authority and control over situations in his own odd way. He is very very rarely the cause of the drama and upset in his group and acts as a weird moderating force. So, the Emperor.

the fact that Sips is the Emperor to Sjin’s Empress is luck, really


Having watched Evicted now, I can say with some certainty that Hannah is Strength (cliche, but so so very accurate) and Nilesy is the Sun, definitely.

Rythian is the Hermit and all the pitfalls that come with that card and what it represents.

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